Project Background:

This project was partially inspired by the research I have been doing into ARGs. Essentially, I want to try to blend the digital and the physical world in meaningful ways. The other inspiration was the ubiquity of ‘how to’ guides online that my students access.

The goal of this unit is to have students understand and use the tools available to explain how to do something for our school community. Whether it is how to add credit to a school ID or how to correctly perform a bench-press, there are many opportunities on campus where explanations would help. Creating QR codes to link the instructions frees the students from traditional pen and paper instructions and allows them to more creatively and effectively convey information.

Hopes & Concerns:

I hope that students will learn that the use of certain tools and mediums is dependent on the audience and purpose, and play around with those various tools. I also hope that the open nature of the final project will engage all students as they can choose a focus that interests them. Finally, by embedding it in our school community, the project itself becomes real and purposeful outside the demands of the course.