I’m nervous.

For the last month I’ve spent every free moment devising and filming flipped videos for my class. I had already read about the method; though fascinated by the opportunities, I didn’t see how it applied to English classes. Perhaps ill-prepared, I took the plunge and crafted a completely flipped unit. Gulp.

I had (still have?) lots of questions: how can I ensure teacher-student time is its most fruitful? How can I ensure students’ time isn’t wasted? How can I be most useful in the process? To that end I modelled annotations, filmed answers to short activities honing skills in literary devices, and responded to frequently asked questions from my Calvary. I now have 60 videos and think I’m ready to begin…

But I’m still nervous.

I keep asking myself: what if the videos don’t help the students? What if the approach just can’t be applied to an English classroom? What if students can’t cope with the responsibility of choosing their own paths to mastery?

The bell will ring soon. We’ll see.