While most students seem on track—and are even exceeding expectations—some aren’t quite there. My big worry at this point: pacing.

It’s ironic because part of the goal of this setup is to allow students to develop at their own pace through their own path. It works well for the high-achieving students: they need less background growth of skills. It works well for the motivated students: they seem to be accomplishing more in a shorter time than I would have planned. The concern? Students who need to learn many skills but aren’t motivated to put in 45 minutes of work at home so they can use their class time, and the personal resources available to them, effectively.

I met with a few of these students to help them navigate this hurdle. Of course, it always came down to two questions: Which skills are the most urgent to develop? and Will your current plan help you to achieve proficiency in the allotted time?

The meetings went well but I can’t help but worry: will I have to forego the autonomy I want students to develop in favor of learning the skills in the required time?