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Course 2 Final Project: Lean On Me

The first step for this project, finding a collaborative partner, proved rather simple: over the months I have come to know a number of Coetailers through Twitter and the blogs. In particular, I have...


Digital Evolution

In film X-Men: Days of Future Past, scientists inject the DNA from a mutant named Mystique into robots. See, Mystique has the ability to change her DNA and shapeshift into anyone. Her DNA helps...


Full Time Educator, Full Time Model

Although I’m an English teacher, I’m not a pedant. I’ve learned about the history of ‘correct’ grammar in English and generally agree with Stephen Fry, that is, that language should be enjoyed. My bugbear,...


A Digital Mirror

We’re being watched. Right now. Whether it’s our phone, our TV, the cookies on our browser, or even the tracker on the sidebar of this blog that posts profile pictures of recently active users....